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1/9/2009 ...
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Updates to the Bingo Shuffle on the last page, "Assembling the Story".

A reader writes in...
"Hi, Since I was at Sandusky Speedway in the 60's,and have spent time with the Gresley's at their home,if there is ANY questions about Bingo 5-Bingo 151-or Gordinski,why don't you call Jim Gresley on 11 mile rd in Ceresco,Mi ( Battle creek).He should have a little idea about things,CANNONBALL was his dad(I think) and they lived side by side out in the country YOU DO HAVE some relly neat pictures,even if a few have the wrong names on them. Thanks".

Noel Terry writes in "Do you have any pictures of the old Alviso Speedway in Alviso,calif.?"

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Ernie and Bob June Harold Brown Johnny Benson
Jim Shampine Mort Anderson Short History of Rear Engined Cars at Oswego
Nolan Johncock Todd Gibson at Indy Kenny Reece's super with three right wheels. (A Donald Wilcox/Open Wheel article archived on
Burdette Bennett Restoration - Paul Richardson #427 Restoration - Tammy Ten
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Joe Hlywka Harry Jones Restoration by Paul Lynn
Billy Yuma Restoration - Ed Perkins built, Bentley Warren 707. logoasa.gif ASA at Oswego. logoosw.gif
Restoration of 1940 Sprint Car Replica of 1958 Gordenski Supermodified Restoration of Don Taylor's Pink Panther Modified
The Bingo Shuffle, features everything we have on the Bingo Cars. The (1969?) Oswego Classic drivers meeting. Art Bennett

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Pinner's Bar and Grill When I can't go to the race, you can bet I'm lurking around Pinners Bar and Grill Supermodifieds Message Board to find out what's goin' on. The earliest results for current supermodified races are usually found here.

Some racing Links:
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Supermodified Scorecard The place to check out who is winning this year.
Al Drake's "It covers San Jose Speedway out here on the west coast. The cars are 1975 and on."
Oswego Supers Thorough ISMA/Oswego site with a lot of links.
Pinners Bar and Grill Excellent Supermodified page.
Danny's Short Track Racing Page Danny is an ISMA fan. His website has old pics from West Virginia and some great supermodified links.
2001 ISMA schedule 2001 ISMA schedule.
Carl Rogers Website Fans of Carl Rogers will find a pictorial history of his racing career here. Video too!
Jake's Home Page Jake has a picture gallery (including Shampine's sprinter and rear engined car), racing links, drawings, more.
InRacing with Super Dave Check out Super Dave. Images, links. Super Dave has a street legal 1960 supermodified!
TJ Slideways TJ is a midwest sprint car enthusiast with a sweet website. Pictures, news, regular column. A large site with lots of information and a TON of links. Fantastic!
Racing Back in Time - Mike's Oval Racing Nostalgia Mike was on the Solvay Automotive crew from 69 to 75. Photos, links.
Michiana Vintage Race Cars Great vintage photo site concentrating on Michigan/Indiana area. TONS of images.
Kimball's Vintage Racing Photos New vintage photo site run by Tom Kimball. Has some unique supermodified pictures. Northeast US.
Canadian Open Wheel Central New. Daryl Turford's open wheel site. Photos, news...
Vintage Oval Racing Magazine Paper publication. Subscribe here.
BGM Sim Racing Supermodified Series Check this out! These guys have designed supermodifieds to run under NASCAR Racing and they are running a fantasy supermodified series.
Racing Hot Shots Pit Stop Quite a few excellent vintage supermodified pictures.
Ellis Palasini Website Some of you may remember Ellis Palasini and his V-8 winged super. This site has a bunch of pictures and a kind of history of his career.
Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame Nice site with all kinds of Canadian Racing info.
Supermodified Racing in the NorthWest US By the Daniels boys. Nice site with photos, lots of info including TCRA and CAMRA history, lists of owners, drivers and builders.
Studebaker Racing Fans of racing Studebakers will get all the info they need on this site.
Memories of the California Jalopy Association Slow loading, but lots of images of old jalopies and pre-super modifieds from California.
Vintage Open Wheel Mike Thornton's new website. Vintage open wheel images, discussion, links.