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Terry Woodin's Restoration of 1940 Sprinter

Terry Woodin of Battle Creek, Michigan, has restored this 1940 sprint car.

If you have any old pictures of this car or other information, we would love to add it to this page. Please send them in to RetroRockets and for pictures, please include a description, if possible.
Picture File TW_GP1_0001.jpg 1995 picture. Just getting going.
Picture File TW_GP1_0002.jpg Cowl and tail "hammered" by Jim Woodin. Getting close!
Picture File TW_GP1_0003.jpg 1996. Car is taking shape.
Picture File TW_GP1_0004.jpg 85 HP flathead almost done.
Picture File TW_GP1_0005.jpg Oh yeah! Love those flatheads.
Picture File TW_GP1_0006.jpg Frame is ready.

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