Gene Harsch from Cincinnati, OH, 04-gene_harsch.jpg, Volume1.
  Mike McLaughlin from Waterloo, NY. at that time Mike was running the Modified tour in the Sherry Cup #12., 05-mike_mclaughlin.jpg, Volume1.
  Larry Harris from Indianapolis, ID, 11-larry_harris.jpg, Volume1.
  Danny Knoll from Hamburg, NY, 17-danny_knoll.jpg, Volume1.
  Chet Kosin from Inkster, Mich coming off the 4th corner at Oswego., 18-chet_kosin.jpg, Volume1.
  Chet Kosin-2-here's Chet doing a little motor work., 18-chet_kosin-2.jpg, Volume1.
  Ken Lund from Oregon, Wis., 22-ken_lund.jpg, Volume1.
  Jerry Churchill from Dearborn, Mich., 25-jerry_churchill.jpg, Volume1.
  Mark Martin, 2-mark_martin.jpg, Volume1.
  Kenny Wallace from St. Louis, MO, 36-kenny_wallace.jpg, Volume1.
  Tom Harrington , 41-tom_harrington.jpg, Volume1.
  John Wilson from Springfield, OH, 71-john_wilson.jpg, Volume1.
  Ed Cooper from Clarks Lake, Mich., 78-ed_cooper.jpg, Volume1.
  Bobby Dotter from Milwaukee, WI, 79-bobby_dotter.jpg, Volume1.
  An autographed photo card that Harold Fair of Livonia, Mich, It belongs to Wendell Howard of Fulton,NY, who had it autographed by Harold., 81-harold_fair.jpg, Volume1.
  Bob Senneker of Dorr, Mich was also handing out autograph photo cards, but as you can see Wendell missed getting Bob's autograph., 84-bob_senneker_2.jpg, Volume2.
  Dick Trickle from Wisconsin Rapids, Wis., 99-dick_trickle.jpg, Volume2.
  Dick Trickle in the Coors Light Silver Bullet car, and Mark Martin in the Miller/American #2. Here they are full throttle down the front straight at Oswego., 99-trickle-2-martin.jpg, Volume2.
  Winston Cup Star Bobby Allison climbs in to start the 1985 Oswego ASA race., allison_start.jpg, Volume2.
  This photo is of three of the major sponsors of cars for the ASA race and there drivers. R-L John Jackson; Merv Treichler's carowner, Merv Treichler, Brian Ross, Brian's car owner Ed Close, Corky Stockham of National Parts Peddler; Ruttman's sponsor, and Joe Ruttman., asa_sponsors.jpg, Volume2.
  The Starting Line up for the 1985 ASA Oswego race., asa_start.jpg, Volume2.
  Here is the #52 of Butch Miller and the #99 of Dick Trickle racing for the lead., asa52-99.jpg, Volume2.
  Bentley Warren in the Bowley #5, Warren Coniam in the Clyde Booth #99, and Jamie Moore in Skip Matczak #3 during the supermodified portion of the ASA race., asa-5-99-3_supers.jpg, Volume2.
  Junior Hanley in the #72 and Mike Eddy in the green #88 do battle at Oswego., asa72-88.jpg, Volume2.
  This is the cover from the program for the first ASA Race at Oswego in 1985., asa-85_cover.jpg, Volume2.
  This is the article in the program the week after with all the results of the ASA races., asa-86_cover.jpg, Volume2.
  As you can see on the side of the Oswego Pace Car the 1984 Oswego Supermodified Champion takes another Victory Ride in the pace car for the super portion of the ASA race., asa-bentley_pace_ride.jpg, Volume2.
  Here is Brian Ross just before the start with the National Parts Peddler/Ed Close #69 car., asa-brian_ross.jpg, Volume2.
  This is my favorite shot of Bobby Allison in his car and ready to go racing!, ba_in_car.jpg, Volume2.
  Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison at the press conference after the Oswego ASA race., dw_&_ba.jpg, Volume2.
  Both drivers, Bentley Warren and Darrell Waltrip strapped in and waiting to be pushed off., dw_&_bentley_push_off.jpg, Volume3.
  At the time Bentley Warren was driving the Ed Bowley Flyin 5. The Bowley team had two supers, and what the track arranged was a little "Match Race' between Waltrip and Bentley. Here Bentley is "cluing in" DW about the car and the Oswego track., dw_&_bentley-super.jpg, Volume3.
  After the race Darrell and Bentley are still talking over the race while the photographers snap pictures of the Ed Bowley Team with DW., dw_&_bowley_crew.jpg, Volume3.
  Darrell took time out of his busy schedule to pose with the Oswego Speedway Track Safety Crew and Pace Car Driver Floyd Wallace. "Ya all come back now, Ya hear...", dw_&_track_crew.jpg, Volume3.
  The smile on his face says it all, Darrell was like a kid in a candy store about the supermodifieds at Oswego, as was Joe Ruttman they both wanted to "have at it!", dw_in_super.jpg, Volume3.
  Darrell Waltrip just before he is to climb in for some practice laps., dw_start.jpg, Volume3.
  Darrell picked up the wrenches on more than one occasion that weekend to pitch in and work right along with his crew on the car., dw_working_on_car.jpg, Volume3.
  Waltrip in a moment of thought about his car and the race., dw.jpg, Volume3.
  Here is Bobby Allison and Darrell talking over Oswego race strategy., dw-allison.jpg, Volume3.
  This is Darrell's car at the P&C store in Pulaski, NY, dw-car-pc.jpg, Volume3.
  This another shot of DW's car in Pulaski, NY, dw-car-pc2.jpg, Volume3.
  If you look close on the back center of the sheet metal is DW's logo of his DARWAL, INC. race chassis., dw-cockpit.jpg, Volume3.
  Here is Darrell Waltrip taking a short break at the finish line steps., dw-finish_line.jpg, Volume3.
  Here is Oswego Infield Announcer, Rich Goldstein, interviewing Waltrip at the Start/Finish line., dw-goldstein.jpg, Volume3.
  This is Darrell Waltrip at the P&C Supermarket Store in Pulaski, NY, talking to my friends Judy Smith and Wendell Howard, both of Fulton, NY. Darrell was most gracious and personable to all of the fans. In less than 3 days he had been back and forth to Pocono twice, and did appearances at 2 local P&C stores, besides raced at Oswego's ASA show., dw-js-wh.jpg, Volume3.
  This is Darrell in the Budweiser car, at speed coming of the 4th corner at Oswego., dw-osw.jpg, Volume4.
  Bentley and car owner Tom Bowley get Bentley strapped into the car for the Match Race., dw-strapn_in_super.jpg, Volume4.
  This is a last minute shot I took just as they were leaving Pulaski for Oswego to race., dw-trailer.jpg, Volume4.
  Here is the #72 Junior Hanley Team, hanley_&_crew.jpg, Volume4.
  As with everything else the 1992 Winston Cup Champion, the late Alan Kulwicki did, he ALWAYS took a personal interest inthe work. I had the great privilege of meeting Alan at a Kodak Park Banquet during his Winston Cup Rookie year while he was driving the Quincy's Steak House car #35. He was a media persons dream come true. A true gentleman always, but just as willing to speak his mind ifthe occasion needed it. He is truly missed by many., kulwicki_&_crew.jpg, Volume4.
  #24-Merv Treichler drove the John Jackson/Dave Jensen #24 for the 1985 Oswego ASA race., merv-dave_jensen_24.jpg, Volume4.
  This is the Miller/American Racing Team-l-r It is Mark Martin driving the Miller/American ASA car #2, Eddie Bellinger driving the Miller/American Supermodified #02 at Oswego, and of course Bobby Allison driving the Miller/American ASA car#22, mm-eb-ba.jpg, Volume4.
  Here is a nice shot of Mark Martin hurrying to put on his shoes to make practice laps., mm-shoes.jpg, Volume4.
  Winston Cup regular, Joe Ruttman poses for the camera just prior to the start of the 1985 Oswego ASA race., ruttman.jpg, Volume4.
  Here's a great head shot of then ASA Star Dick Trickle., trickle.jpg, Volume4.
  Joe Ruttman in the Parts Peddler #4 on the outside racing Bobby Allison in the Miller American #22., asa22-4.jpg, Volume4.