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Volume 3

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Picture File dw_&_bentley_push_off-t.jpg Both drivers, Bentley Warren and Darrell Waltrip strapped in and waiting to be pushed off. Picture File dw_&_bentley-super-t.jpg At the time Bentley Warren was driving the Ed Bowley Flyin 5. The Bowley team had two supers, and what the track arranged was a little "Match Race' between Waltrip and Bentley. Here Bentley is "cluing in" DW about the car and the Oswego track. Picture File dw_&_bowley_crew-t.jpg After the race Darrell and Bentley are still talking over the race while the photographers snap pictures of the Ed Bowley Team with DW.
Picture File dw_&_track_crew-t.jpg Darrell took time out of his busy schedule to pose with the Oswego Speedway Track Safety Crew and Pace Car Driver Floyd Wallace. "Ya all come back now, Ya hear..." Picture File dw_in_super-t.jpg The smile on his face says it all, Darrell was like a kid in a candy store about the supermodifieds at Oswego, as was Joe Ruttman they both wanted to "have at it!" Picture File dw_start-t.jpg Darrell Waltrip just before he is to climb in for some practice laps.
Picture File dw_working_on_car-t.jpg Darrell picked up the wrenches on more than one occasion that weekend to pitch in and work right along with his crew on the car. Picture File dw-t.jpg Waltrip in a moment of thought about his car and the race. Picture File dw-allison-t.jpg Here is Bobby Allison and Darrell talking over Oswego race strategy.
Picture File dw-car-pc-t.jpg This is Darrell's car at the P&C store in Pulaski, NY Picture File dw-car-pc2-t.jpg This another shot of DW's car in Pulaski, NY Picture File dw-cockpit-t.jpg If you look close on the back center of the sheet metal is DW's logo of his DARWAL, INC. race chassis.
Picture File dw-finish_line-t.jpg Here is Darrell Waltrip taking a short break at the finish line steps. Picture File dw-goldstein-t.jpg Here is Oswego Infield Announcer, Rich Goldstein, interviewing Waltrip at the Start/Finish line. Picture File dw-js-wh-t.jpg This is Darrell Waltrip at the P&C Supermarket Store in Pulaski, NY, talking to my friends Judy Smith and Wendell Howard, both of Fulton, NY. Darrell was most gracious and personable to all of the fans. In less than 3 days he had been back and forth to Pocono twice, and did appearances at 2 local P&C stores, besides raced at Oswego's ASA show.
ASA at Oswego