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Volume 1

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Picture File 04-gene_harsch-t.jpg Gene Harsch from Cincinnati, OH Picture File 05-mike_mclaughlin-t.jpg Mike McLaughlin from Waterloo, NY. at that time Mike was running the Modified tour in the Sherry Cup #12. Picture File 11-larry_harris-t.jpg Larry Harris from Indianapolis, ID
Picture File 17-danny_knoll-t.jpg Danny Knoll from Hamburg, NY Picture File 18-chet_kosin-t.jpg Chet Kosin from Inkster, Mich coming off the 4th corner at Oswego. Picture File 18-chet_kosin-2-t.jpg Chet Kosin-2-here's Chet doing a little motor work.
Picture File 22-ken_lund-t.jpg Ken Lund from Oregon, Wis. Picture File 25-jerry_churchill-t.jpg Jerry Churchill from Dearborn, Mich. Picture File 2-mark_martin-t.jpg Mark Martin
Picture File 36-kenny_wallace-t.jpg Kenny Wallace from St. Louis, MO Picture File 41-tom_harrington-t.jpg Tom Harrington Picture File 71-john_wilson-t.jpg John Wilson from Springfield, OH
Picture File 78-ed_cooper-t.jpg Ed Cooper from Clarks Lake, Mich. Picture File 79-bobby_dotter-t.jpg Bobby Dotter from Milwaukee, WI Picture File 81-harold_fair-t.jpg An autographed photo card that Harold Fair of Livonia, Mich, It belongs to Wendell Howard of Fulton,NY, who had it autographed by Harold.
ASA at Oswego