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Volume 2

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Picture File 84-bob_senneker_2-t.jpg Bob Senneker of Dorr, Mich was also handing out autograph photo cards, but as you can see Wendell missed getting Bob's autograph. Picture File 99-dick_trickle-t.jpg Dick Trickle from Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Picture File 99-trickle-2-martin-t.jpg Dick Trickle in the Coors Light Silver Bullet car, and Mark Martin in the Miller/American #2. Here they are full throttle down the front straight at Oswego.
Picture File allison_start-t.jpg Winston Cup Star Bobby Allison climbs in to start the 1985 Oswego ASA race. Picture File asa_sponsors-t.jpg This photo is of three of the major sponsors of cars for the ASA race and there drivers. R-L John Jackson; Merv Treichler's carowner, Merv Treichler, Brian Ross, Brian's car owner Ed Close, Corky Stockham of National Parts Peddler; Ruttman's sponsor, and Joe Ruttman. Picture File asa_start-t.jpg The Starting Line up for the 1985 ASA Oswego race.
Picture File asa52-99-t.jpg Here is the #52 of Butch Miller and the #99 of Dick Trickle racing for the lead. Picture File asa-5-99-3_supers-t.jpg Bentley Warren in the Bowley #5, Warren Coniam in the Clyde Booth #99, and Jamie Moore in Skip Matczak #3 during the supermodified portion of the ASA race. Picture File asa72-88-t.jpg Junior Hanley in the #72 and Mike Eddy in the green #88 do battle at Oswego.
Picture File asa-85_cover-t.jpg This is the cover from the program for the first ASA Race at Oswego in 1985. Picture File asa-86_cover-t.jpg This is the article in the program the week after with all the results of the ASA races. Picture File asa-bentley_pace_ride-t.jpg As you can see on the side of the Oswego Pace Car the 1984 Oswego Supermodified Champion takes another Victory Ride in the pace car for the super portion of the ASA race.
Picture File asa-brian_ross-t.jpg Here is Brian Ross just before the start with the National Parts Peddler/Ed Close #69 car. Picture File ba_in_car-t.jpg This is my favorite shot of Bobby Allison in his car and ready to go racing! Picture File dw_&_ba-t.jpg Darrell Waltrip and Bobby Allison at the press conference after the Oswego ASA race.
ASA at Oswego