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Volume 4

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Picture File dw-osw-t.jpg This is Darrell in the Budweiser car, at speed coming of the 4th corner at Oswego. Picture File dw-strapn_in_super-t.jpg Bentley and car owner Tom Bowley get Bentley strapped into the car for the Match Race. Picture File dw-trailer-t.jpg This is a last minute shot I took just as they were leaving Pulaski for Oswego to race.
Picture File hanley_&_crew-t.jpg Here is the #72 Junior Hanley Team Picture File kulwicki_&_crew-t.jpg As with everything else the 1992 Winston Cup Champion, the late Alan Kulwicki did, he ALWAYS took a personal interest inthe work. I had the great privilege of meeting Alan at a Kodak Park Banquet during his Winston Cup Rookie year while he was driving the Quincy's Steak House car #35. He was a media persons dream come true. A true gentleman always, but just as willing to speak his mind ifthe occasion needed it. He is truly missed by many. Picture File merv-dave_jensen_24-t.jpg #24-Merv Treichler drove the John Jackson/Dave Jensen #24 for the 1985 Oswego ASA race.
Picture File mm-eb-ba-t.jpg This is the Miller/American Racing Team-l-r It is Mark Martin driving the Miller/American ASA car #2, Eddie Bellinger driving the Miller/American Supermodified #02 at Oswego, and of course Bobby Allison driving the Miller/American ASA car#22 Picture File mm-shoes-t.jpg Here is a nice shot of Mark Martin hurrying to put on his shoes to make practice laps. Picture File ruttman-t.jpg Winston Cup regular, Joe Ruttman poses for the camera just prior to the start of the 1985 Oswego ASA race.
Picture File trickle-t.jpg Here's a great head shot of then ASA Star Dick Trickle. Picture File asa22-4-t.jpg Joe Ruttman in the Parts Peddler #4 on the outside racing Bobby Allison in the Miller American #22.
ASA at Oswego