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Feature Page - Nolan Johncock

Picture File NJ70-1.jpg I believe Nolan spent 1969 racing USAC sprints. Nolan returned to supermodifieds in 1970 driving the new Max Dowker #7.
Picture File NJ70-6.jpg Although he still did race USAC sprinters. Here is a 1970 Harry Goode photo of Nolan in his #21 sprinter at Eldora, racing alongside another legend, Parnelli Jones in the 32.
Picture File NJ70-2.jpg Nolan racing Mark Letcher, 1970.
Picture File NJ70-3.jpg Classic shot of Nolan in his STP cowboy hat.
Picture File NJ70-4.jpg Nolan Johncock in the Max Dowker #7, 1970. Notice the big tank - rumor is that Nolan twice lost the classic by running out of gas on the last lap, 1967 and 1968.

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