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Feature Page - Nolan Johncock

(This photo from the archives of the Ron Nielsen Family)
Picture File NolanJohncock67-1.jpg In 1967, Nolan started running USAC sprinters. I believe USAC had a rule that you couldn't race elsewhere under your own name, so Nolan would show up at supermodified events hauling his classic "Strip Teaser" and racing under the name "Joe Chance".
Picture File NJ67-1.jpg A classic shot of Nolan in the "Strip Teaser" car, backing out over the 2nd turn wall at Oswego. That is photographer John Hill yelling at Nolan to "STOP!".
Picture File NJ67-2.jpg Nolan's car lies on its side after poking a big hole into the Curtis Manor Dairy billboard. They could not get the car back together in time to race in the '67 classic, so Noley climbed into Persh Pollock's #50, qualifying 19th and finishing 4th.
Picture File NJ67-3.jpg Nolan kneeling beside the Persh Pollock #50, 1967.
Picture File NJ68-1.jpg Nolan Johncock finished 5th in the 1968 classic in the #50.
Picture File Nolan68.jpg Noley also drove this Ford late model at Berlin in 1968.

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