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Art Bennett

Picture File twab_019.jpg At talks fondly of the time he ran a race at Oswego with a hunk of paper on the screen. Here is a shot of that race. Yup, it's a large piece of paper and it's right in front of his face. What a pain! Oswego, no less! Art is in Pete Webster's Bingo 151 racing, we think, Jim Gresley in the Gordenski Bingo 5.
Picture File twab_020.jpg Art in the red Steck Buick #39. A 1965 Ray Roger's photo at the Speedrome.
Picture File twab_021.jpg You couldn't help but notice this Doc Smally #5. Art drove this car in 1966 and won both the Mid Season Championship and the Season Championship at the Berlin Speedway in Marne, MI.
Picture File twab_022.jpg Again, 1966 at Berlin. Chet Myslewic awards Art Bennett the trophy for winning the Michigan State Championships.
Picture File twab_023.jpg A 1967 picture from the Speedrome shows Art Bennett in the Walt Soules #14 roadster.
Picture File twab_024.jpg In 1970, a group of Battle Creek area bunch put together this NASCAR car to run at Daytona. They did make it, but blew the engine in the 125 mile qualifier.

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