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Art Bennett

Picture File twab_007.jpg Art takes the checker for the win. 500 lap trophy race at Galesburg Speedway, 9/1/56.
Picture File twab_008.jpg Here's Art in the winning car. The Denooyer Chevy sponsored, Fred Hill and Mann Hammon (H & H) owned #14.
Picture File twab_009.jpg July 29, 1957. Art in the #14 and Gordy Johncock in the #85 for the Fast Car Dash at Galesburg Speedway.
Picture File twab_010.jpg Labor Day, 1957 and the trophy race at Galesburg Speedway. This year it's the Behnke Express #14.
Picture File twab_011.jpg Take a look at this. 1957 at Galesburg Speedway. On the pole in the #44 is John Logan. Outside of him is Gordy Johncock in the #85. The 2nd row is Tom Hill in the #78 and Nelson Ward in the Gordenski Bingo 5. In the 3rd row is Harry Jones on the inside in the #24 and Art on the outside in the Behnke Express #14.
Picture File twab_012.jpg A win for Art. 1958 at...looks like the Speedrome. The Behnke Express #14.

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