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Terry Woodin's Restoration of 1940 Sprinter

Picture File TW_GP1_0007.jpg Terry is getting anxious now!
Picture File TW_GP1_0008.jpg This car has no history...Terry built it from the ground up with the help from a lot of people.
Picture File TW_GP1_0009.jpg Not bad for a replica! That's putting it lightly...excellent craftsmanship...attention to detail! Terry et.al. have done a beautiful job on this one.
Picture File TW_GP1_0010.jpg 1999 picture. You can almost smell the Alky and Castor Oil.
Picture File TW_GP1_0011.jpg Terry went to a single carb after finishing the project. Runs great and he is very proud of it!
Picture File TW_GP1_0012.jpg From Terry, "Thanks to my son Jim for his help and to all my racing friends in Battle Creek for their contributions". Nice job Terry, Well done. Impressive.

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