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Photos are probably from B&D via Oswego Speedway and thanks to Mike Thornton.
Picture File ses_crash-5-s.jpg Those at the Oswego Speedway on night in 1964 saw a spectacular race with Sam Sessions flipping out of the park in the Bingo 151 and Art Bennett beating out Nolan Swift at the line for the win. Here is a column from an Oswego program recounting the event.
Picture File ses_crash-1-s.jpg Sam Sessions.
Picture File ses_crash-2-s.jpg Spectacular shot of Sam going over the fence.
Picture File ses_crash-3-s.jpg Shots from the Oswego Program of Sam's crash. Nolan Johncock went over the fence in just about the same spot.
Picture File ses_crash-4-s.jpg Sam Sessions in the Bingo 151. 1964.

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