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Feature Page - Mort Anderson

Picture File Mort60-s.jpg Mort Anderson's "Drewry's" #46, 1960
Picture File Mort65-s.jpg Mort Anderson beside his car at Sandusky, 1965.
Picture File Mort67-1-s.jpg Mort Anderson's #29, 1967
Picture File Mort67-2-s.jpg Mort Anderson's #29, 1967

From Speed Sport News I think... PIT STOPS
Mort Andreson, who was killed in an unusual racing accident last weekend during the warmups for the World 300 at Mobile, Ala. Was not a big money driver, but he leaves the track a winner.
The 32 year-old racer from Coral was one of the area's most popular competitors as he drew both rivals and fans to him with jokes, stories, and a warm appreciation for other people.
Born and raised in the Greenville area, Mort always drove a consistent race, starting 15 years ago on the old quarter mile dirt track at Berlin.
"I will never forget his first race," recalls Dick Mysliwiec, Berlin Raceway official. "Mort was driving in the first heat race when he spun on the back stretch. The wrecker which the track hires for towing moved in.
"With the race running the caution flag, Mort offered the driver two dollars to tow his car off the track. The driver tried to explain there would be no charge for his services, but Mort was insistant. 'Either take the two bucks, or I will push the car myself,' Mort demanded."
His death could be termed as a freak accident in auto racing. He arrived at the track with his wife, Donna, about 9:30 a.m. Saturday and made a careful inspection of the oval on foot before warmups. He was the first car on the track and was driving very slowly on the inside groove of the high banked half-mile asphalt track.
Gradually, he picked up speed but by no means had the throttle open. He then drove to the outside groove for a couple of laps. Running about half throttle, Mort suddenly lost control on the backstretch. He straightened the car out before he plunged over the embankment.
Witnesses thought Andreson would be on the track momentarily as a driver will usually follow the escape route back to the track. The particular section where his car careened off was soft and his car came to a sudden stop. It never flipped and it could have stayed in the race without repairs. Mort was unscratched, but died of internal injuries 4 a.m. Sunday morning.
Anderson is survived by his wife, Donna, and five children. He worked as a machinist at a Greenville plant.

From Grand Rapids Press, August 7, 1967... Local Racer Killed in World 300
MOBILE, Ala. - A driver from Grand Rapids was killed Saturday when his supermodified racer plunged over an embankment during afternoon warmups for Saturday night's World 300 race here.
Officials at Mobile International Speedway said Mort Anderson, 32, died en route to a local hostpital. He was the second driver to die in a racing mishap at the track in its three-year history.
A spokesman said Anderson's car left the track on a banked curve and overturned, severing the bolts which secured the driver's seat.
Gene Tapia of Mobile captured top prize in the accident marred race.
The race, because of the mishaps on the track, was not completed until the early hours of Sunday when Tapia rolled across the finish line three laps ahead of Herman Wise of Atlanta.
Third place went to Wayne Niedecken of Pensacola, Fla.
The $22,000 race, of which the winner got $3,500, is the richest for supermodified cars.
During the 48th lap of the race, Donnie Hamilton of Santa Ana, Calif., escaped injury when his auto caught fire in a ditch after it was struck from behind.
Hamilton, stopping in the middle of the track when a caution flag appeared, went carrening into the ditch. The race was delayed one hour and 45 minutes because of the fire.

From Grand Rapids Press, August 8, 1967... Wednesday Rites Set for Anderson
LAKEVIEW - Services for Mort Anderson, 32, of Coral, a race car driver killed Saturday night in competition at Mobile, Ala., will be held at 1:30 Wednesday at the Youngman Funeral Home here.
Anderson's racer plunged over an embankment while he was participating in the World 300 race for super modified cars.

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