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Terry Woodin's Photo Album Volume 1

Picture File TW_GP4_0001-t.jpg Terry's son, Jim Woodin, at Toledo in their Iceman Monte Carlo. Jim and Terry totally designed and built the chassis. 1997. Picture File TW_GP4_0002-t.jpg Terry's grandson James is pretty proud of his mini sprint and wants to drive a supermodified some day. 4/25/2001. Picture File TW_GP4_0003-t.jpg Terry in red jacket and Jim, Terry's son, in black jacket, James, Terry's 13 years old grandson, is behind the wheel. Fort Wayne, 6/3/2001.
Picture File TW_GP4_0004-t.jpg Terry's father, Norm "Woody" Woodin built this car. Jack Decker is behind the wheel here for a Galesburg win, 1953. Picture File TW_GP3_0003-t.jpg In Terry's second garage is his greatest find ever...a Pat Doherty sprint car from Battle Creek. Picture File TW_GP3_0004-t.jpg Pat Doherty raced modifieds at Butler until the late 1970's, then built this sprinter...20 years ago.
Picture File TW_GP3_0005-t.jpg Sadly, this car never raced. Pat never totally got it completed to his satisfaction. Picture File TW_GP3_0006-t.jpg Pat Doherty passed away in 2000 at the age of 62. Lori Doherty graciously sold the car to Terry Woodin. Terry's plans are to restore it in memory of Pat and run the #5 on it. It has a bolt on cage and will be restored cageless.