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Picture File PG_AB1-0109-t.jpg Two cars try to disengage after connecting in the corner. Picture File PG_AB1-0110-t.jpg #20. Picture File PG_AB1-0111-t.jpg Don ? in the S70.
Picture File PG_AB1-0112-t.jpg Bob Thwaite stands beside his #S51. Picture File PG_AB1-0113-t.jpg Glen Baily stands beside his Ray Reed Truck Sales car. Picture File PG_AB1-0114-t.jpg The S7A.
Picture File PG_AB1-0115-t.jpg The #8. Picture File PG_AB1-0116-t.jpg Dave Taylor in the Al's Auto #72, Gail Cobb in his "The Brew" #12, and Mike Middleton tangle. Picture File PG_AB1-0117-t.jpg Dave Taylor.
Picture File PG_AB1-0118-t.jpg Russ Shellenbarger in the #18. Picture File PG_AB1-0119-t.jpg The #10? Picture File PG_AB1-0120-t.jpg A classic shot. That's Johnny Benson on the outside and that's Jimmy Myers, yes, the flagman, on the inside in an exhibition "race". Jimmy is in Bill Wiltse's #88 super.
Picture File PG_AB1-0121-t.jpg That's Larry McClosky (owner of the Huckleberry Hound car) in the #50 midget. Picture File PG_AB1-0122-t.jpg A great shot of the Speedrome pits. The #78 in the back is Norm Brown and that's Norm behind the car. The #45 in the front is Larry Marble. Russ Shellenbarger's #18 and behind that is Wayne Landon's car. The car on the left facing the photographer is Bill Wiltse's #88. The S19 on the far right is RC Allen. Picture File PG_AB1-0123-t.jpg Eddie Cates wins in the #80.
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