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Picture File PG_AB1-0384-t.jpg Bill Denninger in the Lone Merc #24. Picture File PG_AB1-0385-t.jpg A Phil Bialas photo from the 1965 Sandusky Classic. Tom York's #27 roadster and Todd Gibson's Flintstone Flyer #0. Picture File PG_AB1-0386-t.jpg Todd Gibson's Flintstone Flyer #0 on the trailer.
Picture File PG_AB1-0387-t.jpg Todd Gibson's Flintstone Flyer #0 at Sandusky, 1965. Picture File PG_AB1-0388-t.jpg Todd Gibson's Flintstone Flyer #0. Picture File PG_AB1-0389-t.jpg Ray Wright from Elkhart, Indiana.
Picture File PG_AB1-0390-t.jpg Leonard Gurnsey, looks like Berlin. Picture File PG_AB1-0001-t.jpg The Grand Rapids Speedrome, Comstock Park, Michigan, Winter of...65? Picture File PG_AB1-0155-t.jpg The #32 of Bill Wiltse.
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