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Picture File PG_AB1-0018-t.jpg Steigmeyer #88 (arrow) car. Ted? Picture File PG_AB1-0019-t.jpg Speedrome. The #17 is Bud Meyerling. The #52 (front) is Johnny Johnson. Picture File PG_AB1-0020-t.jpg Speedrome.
Picture File PG_AB1-0021-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PG_AB1-0022-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PG_AB1-0023-t.jpg Speedrome. Bigelow Septic Tank #24 and the Phil's Auto Service #23.
Picture File PG_AB1-0024-t.jpg Accident at the Speedrome. Well, we didn't need that light pole anyway! Picture File PG_AB1-0025-t.jpg Speedrome. Picture File PG_AB1-0026-t.jpg Curtis Craft shop showing several cars in various stages of completion.
Picture File PG_AB1-0027-t.jpg Speedrome racing. Picture File PG_AB1-0028-t.jpg Speedrome racing. Picture File PG_AB1-0029-t.jpg Speedrome racing. #88.
Picture File PG_AB1-0030-t.jpg Speedrome racing. #52. Picture File PG_AB1-0031-t.jpg Speedrome racing. #171. Picture File PG_AB1-0032-t.jpg Speedrome racing. #37 gets sideways and the 32 and 55 pile up. The #14 goes by on the outside.
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