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Picture File PG_AB1-0247-t.jpg Johnny Benson beside an early "White Tornado" supermodified. Classic shot...classic car. Picture File PG_AB1-0248-t.jpg Johnny Benson in the "White Tornado" #21. Picture File PG_AB1-0249-t.jpg I recognize this picture off the cover of an Oswego Classic program. Johnny Benson on the pole in the #21 (#211). Next to him is Bentley Warren i nthe Purdy Deuce.
Picture File PG_AB1-0250-t.jpg Johnny Benson wins at Oswego. Picture File PG_AB1-0251-t.jpg Johnny Benson racing the white #21at Oswego. Picture File PG_AB1-0252-t.jpg Johnny Benson wins in the #21.
Picture File PG_AB1-0253-t.jpg Johnny Benson at Berlin in his famous #21. Picture File PG_AB1-0254-t.jpg Johnny Benson in his winged blue Max Dowker roadster. Picture File PG_AB1-0255-t.jpg The Michigan gang at Oswego. Looks cold! That's Johnny Benson on the far right and Jerry Rose sitting at center and Johnny's mechanic, ____? Kersham, sitting 2nd from the drum on the left.
Picture File PG_AB1-0256-t.jpg An early shot of Nolan Johncock. Picture File PG_AB1-0257-t.jpg A rare shot of Nolan Johncock smiling. Seems like he never smiled. Here he is with Doc Smalley when Doc bought this car. Picture File PG_AB1-0258-t.jpg Nolan Johncock in the Weller Auto Parts #25 owned by Bernie Schimmel.
Picture File PG_AB1-0259-t.jpg Nolan Johncock really smiling after his 1964 win at Oswego. Picture File PG_AB1-0260-t.jpg Nolan Johncock after a win. Picture File PG_AB1-0261-t.jpg Nolan Johncock in the Max Dowker #7.
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