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Picture File PG_AB1-0171-t.jpg Bill Wiltse's Lefty Terhaar car. Picture File PG_AB1-0172-t.jpg Bill Wiltse in Lefty Terhaar car. Picture File PG_AB1-0173-t.jpg Bill Wiltse in Stuart Motors #32.
Picture File PG_AB1-0174-t.jpg Bill Wiltse shows trophies. Picture File PG_AB1-0175-t.jpg Bill Wiltse racing. That's Bob Clover racing him. Picture File PG_AB1-0176-t.jpg Bill Wiltse.
Picture File PG_AB1-0177-t.jpg The #51 is Jackie Lindhout's car. The #52 is Glen Baily. That's Jimmy Myers, the flagman, the five people there are (from left) Jack Lindhout, Glen Baily, unknown, Ed Ambrose, Phil Ambrose. Picture File PG_AB1-0178-t.jpg Bud Linderman up on the stand with Jack Lindhout talking and Phil Ambrose on right. Picture File PG_AB1-0179-t.jpg Ambrose car with trophy.
Picture File PG_AB1-0180-t.jpg From left; Ed Ambrose, Bud Linderman, Jack Lindhout, Phil Ambrose. Picture File PG_AB1-0181-t.jpg Jack Lindhout in the #51 Ambrose car. Picture File PG_AB1-0182-t.jpg Jack Lindhout wins. Harry Obie's car.
Picture File PG_AB1-0183-t.jpg Jack Lindhout in Harry Obie's car. Picture File PG_AB1-0184-t.jpg Jack Lindhout in Harry Obie's car. Picture File PG_AB1-0185-t.jpg Jack Lindhout in the 111.
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