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Johnny Logan in the #7 Dowker roadster, 1973 at the Star.
Pat York writes "At thatpoint in the summer, Johnny had left the ride (fired?) and Marvin Carmen had taken over the ride. I know this because I have pictures of Marv winning the mid-season championship at South Bend. Johnny moved on to I think the Keenan-Addy ride in this time frame. It also mentions Nolan Johncock driving this car. Not so. Nollie was already gone. He did drive the previous roadster they owned, but not thisone. That car I believe was repaired and Johnny drove it for awhile. The old car was actually an old Indy roadster I believe. FrankieBellaires told me he sent the frame to Jim Rathmann's dealership down in Melbourne Fl. You have pictures of that car on Nollie's volume's after the crash-almost bent in half.".
From the archives of Tom Robichaud.
Thanks to Lee Booze.
Thanks to Pat York.
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