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"I guess I liked the gorilla", says Tom. This is Buster Taylor's 91 car. Doug Henderson drove this car to some success, also the 197. Doug is his first name, not Don. Doug is still involved in racing today (1999). He owns a 350 super, #91, and drove up until last year. Now his son, 17 yr. old Curtis drives it.
From Dave Thomas Jr.: "The picture (3rd row down in the center-the one with the gorilla on the back) is indeed my father. This is a car that was formally owned by Buster Taylor of Dunstable, Mass. It was nicknamed the "Texas Yankee" because my father and his family was originally from Texas, but later moved to New Hampshire. Along with my father in this picture is his father Phil Thomas. This car is currently #61jr. (for its other former driver Eddie West) and owned by Stu Lord. I have seen the car occasionally at Lee Speedway doing a few "hot laps" now and then!"
The car in the back is the Snapp 6?
From the archives of Tom Robichaud. Thanks to Dave Thomas et.al.
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