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The cover of "Who's Who in Racing", 1963. Supermodifieds. Gordy Dukes in the 76, Baldy Baker and the #54, Ed Moketine and the 292. Jim Liccardi writes in: "Pictured is Ed Moketine in the 292. when I was a kid he stayed one time at the motel on 104 just east of the speedway and there was a restaurant right next door. When my family came out from eating dinner they were working on the car in the parking lot, so we went over to talk to the men and when they were ready to go up to the track they let my cousin's and myself ride up on the trailer and sit in the car going up to the track. the car was a bright, almost a flouresent pink with black numbers and trim."
From the archives of Don Woolley.
Thanks to the Dick Good Family.
Thanks to Jim Liccardi.
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