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1967, Mobile, Alabama. Bob Herrin (car #43) from Hattiesburg Mississippi. I believe this car has a hemi. Ricky Beasley writes in: Hi, my name is Ricky Beasley. I am writing in reference to the #43 supermodified, driven by Bob Herrin in Vol.37 of your photo gallery. The writer says he thinks the car has a hemi engine, it did not. It had a 427 Chevy. The car was owned by my dad, Tommy Beasley of Hattiesburg, MS. Our previous car before this one did have a Plymouth engine, but not a Hemi. This is the car my dad was killed in, on April 10,1971. This car had a long list of drivers over the years, Bob Herrin, P.A. Luper, Bill White, Ival Cooper, Ellis Palisini, Rat Lane, Lucky Mays and Skip Manning. Some of these only drove one time while filling in for someone. I currently own the # R1 driven by Bill Roynon of Tampa, FL . It is after the one featured in these photo galleries. I am in the process of restoring this car. Thanks for allowing me to write in, Ricky"
Thanks Ricky for the information about your Dad! -Jim
From the archives of David Findlay
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